Lawn Aeration Service.

The changing seasons can take a toll on your lawn. Maintaining and caring for your lawn will guarantee that it stays lush and beautiful through the seasons. Lawn upkeep is a standard practice for most homeowners, but one step that many forget to include is aeration. Aerating your lawn will make a lasting difference in the quality of your turf. Also known as “core aeration”, this process of puncturing holes or pockets into the grass and soil helps the roots receive the nourishing and sustaining nutrients they need. RMD Landscaping encourages you to incorporate this annual practice in your lawn maintenance routine, and we offer aeration services to make it easy for you.

RMD Landscaping experts are careful with your property, and our lawn cutting services include grass cutting, edging your boarders and blowing off walkways, driveways and mulched beds for a finished look. We consult with you when the dry summer months suggest reducing the number times we mow, or when it is just too wet to cut.  We care about the sustainability of your lawn as much as we do a well-cut look.  With us, your lawn is good hands; we have experienced landscapers and commercial grade equipment to keep your lawn looking its best.